Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation is a movement which is an integral part of our Loreto Education system and it is in force in our Loreto schools all over the world. It is not just something we do but rather an attitude of mind which can change our lives, our way of looking at things, a way by which we relate to others and bind us into a community working together for a better world.

Religious Character of LSQ

Prayer life: Prayer and the aim of establishing a solid relationship with God lies at the heart of Loreto School Queenswood. It is for this reason that we start and end our day in prayer. When you come to our school at 11h30 you will experience a calming silence throughout the school. During these moments learners spend time in reflective meditation. Learners attend mass once a month and a grade mass is held on a rotational basis once a week. Should you, your child or any family member be in need of prayer, our worldwide prayer partners (members who are part of the Mary ward family) will make it their business to pray for your needs and intentions. Each class has the opportunity to spend a day away from school. During this time learners are encouraged to become still and find a new sense of balance.   

Outreach: One of the key pillars of a Loreto School is to move outside of our comfort zones and become aware of those who have less than we do. At Loreto School Queenswood we take social outreach various seriously. Whether you are a 3 year old in Gr RRR or a 13 year old Gr 7, your contribution no matter how small, can improve the quality of life of someone you may not even know. Currently LSQ is involved in 3 outreach projects to varying degrees. We have been helping with the ministry of Deacon Gregory Makhele in helping the poor of, Mabopane, Shoshanguve and the Roslyn dump site. Ramahlale primary school situated in Mamelodi is a project that sees our school community trying to improve the educational environment of our broader community. Even though we highly encourage our learners to give to the less advantage it has become ever more important that they engage in the realities of those who need their help and support. Through the love and dedication of one of our Gr 5 teachers we have a team of learners who visit the Steve Biko Academic Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Ward once in a six day cycle. Each class (from Gr 4-7) is dedicated one day in the year where they go out into the community and get more ”hands on” with various social outreach programs. Through these initiatives we hope to allow our learners to become the change that they want to see in the world.   

Caring for the environment: for several years now Loreto School Queenswood has been a proud member of the Eco Schools family, with platinum status. We take pride in the responsibility that God has placed in our hands to take care of his creation. It is for this reason that our school strongly encourages our learners to recycle and do what is within their power to leave the earth a better place. One of the key projects that we find pride in is our yearly owl rehabilitation project. For roughly six weeks our school is home to owls who are in need of a step down before they are released into the wild.