Vision and Mission Statement

Loreto School is a Pre-primary and Primary School catering for pupils from age 4 to 13, in

Grades 000 to Grade 7. It is situated on the hillside above the eastern suburb of Queenswood in quiet, secure surroundings, and there is easy access to the main roads leading to the central, eastern and northern suburbs of Pretoria.

The vision of the school is to help children develop fully within the ambit of a Catholic character which celebrates the diversity and talents of the whole school community.

Our mission is to give children a firm and happy life foundation:-

  • by providing them with excellence in teaching and facilities
  • by creating an awareness of the child’s natural, social and diverse cultural surroundings and heritage
  • by creating opportunities for the full development of the child in terms of  personality, morality, physical and mental aptitudes and ambitions
  • by living out sound Catholic values
  • by stressing the importance of sharing our skills and facilities with those less fortunate than we are

All decisions and actions of the school are based on the core values of:-

  • respect
  • balance
  •  integrity
  • faith
  • responsibility